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Valentine's Day Cookies

Coming soon!



Delicate layers of ladyfinger genoise, soaked in " Gimme "espresso and rum, layered with Kahlua mascarpone and ground "Ithaca Chocolate", topped with cocoa. A sophisticated dessert for a special holiday meal!
Eight inch square pan serves 9-14 depending on how you slice it! Delivered with a gift postcard and wrapped with ribbon for the holidays. Please let me know what youwould like the card to say and who the recipient is if you are giving it as a gift, or you may fill the postcard out yourself!


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tres leche

Tres Leches ("three milks")

This Latin family recipe spans generations, and is hands down, the most delicious and most addictive dessert I have ever eaten! sponge cake soaked in three milks, and covered with a thin layer of caramel rum...heaven! Eight inch square serves 9-14 depending on how you slice it. Delivered with a gift postcard and wrapped in ribbon! -please let me know what you would like the card to say, and who the recipient is if you are giving it to someone as a gift! you may also fill out the postcard yourself.


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Signature Sincredible T-Shirt

Enjoy Sincredible Pastries without any calories!
Wear our signature t-shirt.
Available in both women's ($14) and children's sizes ($12).



Signature Sincredible Baseball Cap

Let your dessert go to your head!
Wear our signature baseball cap.
One size fits all.




Homemade Jams & Jellies

Do you remember what jam USED to taste like when you were a kid? thick, soul satisfying and heavy...Just like the " jam and bread" scene for the Little Rascals! it is! get yer grape smile on!

8 oz.jars, $4.95 each

Here are three new EXCLUSIVE flavors developed JUST for Marion's Vintage Bakeshop!

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

This jam combines sweet strawberries and dark chocolate for a truly sinful indulgence! Warm it and dip strawberries in it, or use it under fresh strawberries in a tart!

Chocolate Cherry Cordial

Tart cherries, milk chocolate, and cherry liqueur are blended together in this jam which tastes JUST like cherry cordial candy!

Raspberry Truffle

Vibrant red raspberries, married with dark chocolate and framboise liqueur...mmmmmmmmmmmm

Jellies & Jams: Champagne & Wine Flavors

Pink Champagne jelly- Talk about looking through rose colored glasses! SUCH a beautifully clear and pretty color! really pink! with a distinct champagne flavor! use as a glaze for ham or pork chops, or spoon some into a crystal bowl and serve with sliced strawberries! life is perfect!

Raspberry blush wine jam- sugar, red raspberries,blush wine,lemon juice, pectin- Wonderful to toss with fresh fruit , or eat with a cheese platter. Seve with a chilled glass of blush wine.

Black raspberry wine jam- sugar, black raspberries, cabernet wine, lemon juice and pectin- Another scone jam! A heavy black raspberry flavor, tangy , with a twist of sophistication..also great with camembert or brie.




Jellies & Jams: Assorted Flavors

Chocolate Red raspberry jam- sugar, dark chocolate,red raspberries, lemon huice, pectin - The ultimate in decadence! use as a linzer cver ice cream .Heck! grab a spoon and just eat it right out of the jar! great warmed to dookie filling,spread it on crepes, or eat warmed and drizzled oip strawberries in or use as a dessert sauce.

Tri-berry jam- Sugar, blueberries, strawberries,red raspberries, lemon juice, pectin.-This is great on thick soft bread with lots of butter! or for PB&J!

Blueberry white chocolate- sugar, blueberries,white chocolate,lemon juice, pectin.- WOW! If you like blueberry cheesecake, you'll love this! swirl this into vanilla cheesecake before baking, or have it over a nice fat Belgian waffle with butter! or fold it into vanilla Meadowsweet yogurt! mmmmmmm.

Orange Lavender marmalade- Sugar, orange rind, orange juice, lemon juice, pectin and lavendar. This reminds me of an English Countryside...thick cut orange segments with beautiful floating lavendar...excellent to have with tea and biscuits.

Christmas Jam- sugar, peaches, apricots, pineapple, oranges, cherries, golden raisins, pecans, lemon juice, pectin- Open the jar and whiff...and stumble into Christmas! a delightful combination of Christmas fruits and nuts. wonderful with a cup of tea and a slice of cinnamon raisin bread!

Jam Noel- sugar, strawberries, cranberries,lemon juice, pectin. Another dee-lish holiday makes a perfect accompaniment to roasted turkey, or slathered on a turkey sandwich...equally good with toasted croissants for Christmas morning!

Red raspberry hot pepper jam- sugar,raspberries,jalapeno peppers, bell pepper,onion, lemon juice, pectin. This is fantastic over cream cheese and served with pretzel sticks or rice crackers! It's VERY addictive...good as a sandwich spread, salad dressing base, glaze for chicken or pork or with crudite.


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